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Occupation: TV production assistant and freelance massage therapist

Turn-ons: Tattoos, aloofness, men who need saving

Turn-offs: Mirrors, men who treat her with respect and open car doors and pay for dinner and don't sleep with her best friend, those annoying girls who work at tanning salons

Becki met and became friends with Jeff in college, and the two have been close ever since. The problem is that Jeff's secretly in love with her, and Becki prefers men who are completely bad for her. Addicted to bad boys, men she can "fix" and a wide variety of losers, Becki struggles through one bad relationship after the next, usually blaming herself for not being able to make it work. She's occasionally manic, often phobic, believes in never giving up on that light at the end of the tunnel, has self-esteem that's below sea level, and always knows she can count on Jeff to be there when things go wrong.

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